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Today, we are discussing the power of potential. You may say, “I don’t have a gift, I’m not a
leader, but you have got to realise that has potential!

We all have potential, and what we need to do is to identify what that potential is, develop
and harness it and then deploy it! Our potential in its raw form is worth something, but it is
worth a lot more when it is developed. Crude oil for instance would always cost less than
petroleum because crude oil is a raw material not a finished product.

Consider this; the colonial powers come to Africa and take away the crude resources; such
as crude oil, crude cocoa, crude coal, they take these back to their own countries, refine
them, then send them back as refined products to be purchased from them at a much higher
price! Who do you think is always in debt to the other? This is simple Mathematics. I’m
reminded of the proverb that says ” The lazy man does not take the time to roast what he
took time to hunt.” Note, this man spent all night hunting, but failed to take the extra time
required to preserve what he had acquired on his hunting trip. Therefore, his game
deteriorates and can no longer be sold for profit.

Contemplating this scenario carefully; should we really call him a lazy man? He went
hunting, didn’t he, putting in the requisite time, skill and energy to catch his prey. The
problem however, was that he did not finish well what he had started.

Developing your potential is finishing it well. The person with the refined product will
always have the upper hand. Once you have identified your potential, take the steps
required to refine it. This may mean that you would need to go back to school to hone in
your skills. If you have good voice for instance, then train that voice, some of us can write,
but we need to take writing classes in order to excel at writing. We must not only discover
our potential, we must develop our potential, we must dominate our gift, and not only
dominate our gift, we must also dominate our area of gifting.

A man like Tiger Woods for instance has a gift which solves neither the problem of World
Peace nor World hunger, but from a young age, dedicated himself to the development of his
gift. Rather than get distracted by the things that his peers were doing at the time, he
focused on developing his gift, isolating himself to focus on his one goal, his one vision until
he had succeeded in dominating that gift. One may well ask what this has to do with

The truth is that Tiger Woods IS a leader in his field of endeavour and when someone
dominates their gift, we give them permission to lead us; the assumption being that “if you
have dominated your gift and you are a leader in your area of gifting, then you are a leader
in every sphere”. This is why a global management consultancy firm like Accenture would
ask Tiger Woods to endorse them!

What is your gift? How will you dominate your gift? When will you dominate your gift?

“Leadership is not a role you play, it is a life you lead!

Many of have been led to believe that leadership is merely acting and have therefore been
raising “leaders” who have both a public persona as well as a private one. The problem with
this is that, the things you do in private when no one sees you can and does often rise up in
public when you have become great and end up destroying you! We all have potential, both
negative and positive.

Cast your mind back to one of the past presidents of the United States of America for
instance. A brilliant, intelligent man who was obviously gifted. He unfortunately could not
dominate his passion and today is remembered more for his infidelity than for his laudable
achievements while in office!

The golfer Tiger Woods went to marry in Barbados and immediately put the country on the
“Celebrity map”, doing great things for the tourist industry of that tiny island, so much so that
the prime minister of Barbados made him an Ambassador to Barbados! Unfortunately
however, the same wedding he went to solemnize in Barbados was dissolved just a few
years later simply because Tiger Woods had not learnt to dominate his passion. It’s no good
planning to dominate your passion later; the time to dominate your passion is now; while you
still have a small platform. This is because, the more prominent you become, the greater
your fall would be. If you fail to dominate your passion, it ends up dominating you!

To reprise, everyone has potential, but you must discover, celebrate and develop it!
Developing your potential means focusing on it, isolating yourself if necessary. Practice
persistently without giving up and soon the competition will become irrelevant.

Remember though, that as you focus on your gift, your potential, you must also focus on
dominating your passion otherwise the passion that you fail to conquer will inevitably conquer you!

The Power of a Vision

The power of a Vision

The power of a Vision

Having a burning vision catapults you from being a mere mortal to becoming a person on a
mission, a loaded missile carrying a payload to be detonated in a way that would affect the
landscape of entire communities, entire states or entire nations! When you are on a mission,
you can become a movement because you attract followers as your vision ignites their

Che Guevara and the revolutionaries of South America began with a vision, became a
people on a mission, culminating in a movement that swept across Cuba and other parts of
South America. Someone who has become an ideology may be killed, access to their
writings and recordings restricted but their influence cannot be erased.
Gandhi for years lived the life of a lawyer in the rat race, making money like everyone else.
Once he embraced his vision however, he became a man on a mission and mobilised a
movement. At the time of his death, the movement had become an ideology known as
“Gandhism” and “non-violent resistance”.

You are the leader I am talking about here, the one with the potential and vision that can
change your community or even your nation forever! Do you believe in yourself? Do you
believe in your vision? Vision must be put in writing with milestones, goals and deadlines. It
must also have a workable plan. See yourself serving people, deploying your gift! Vision
makes the leader, vision is the soul of leadership and without vision, there is no leader!
It’s no wonder then, that so many African leaders fail at leading their people, to the extent of
shamefully falling asleep at AU (African Union) meetings. It is painfully obvious that someone
who falls asleep at an AU meeting has no concept of what it means to be there, attending
only because they have been told it is the right thing to do! Many of these “leaders” do not
really understand the role they are meant to play in the positions they occupy; not fully
grasping how they fit into the big picture!

In contrast, the late Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa gave rousing speeches at the African
Union. He saw himself as a leader, carrying a vision to move the entire continent of Africa
forward. He recognised that his gift was to be “served” to others! He had a Pan African vision
which he and others like him pursued with all their might!

Vision makes the leader and leaves you with a legacy. Many leaders are only remembered
for one thing. Therefore, if you could find just one thing that you want to be remembered for,
you have hit on your vision; you have found it!

Leadership is problem solving, it is not ambition. If you find that while dreaming of your
vision, all you can visualise are the material riches you stand to gain from that position of
leadership, rest assured, that is no vision but rather a fantasy, a daydream or an ambition.
Dreaming can, however, bring you into your vision. Indeed, the most potent dreams are
those dreamt with wide open eyes. Therefore, when others are complaining around you,
remember that the problem they are complaining about is your opportunity to deploy your
leadership. What problem are you going to solve today? Wherever you may find yourself; in
that organisation, in that firm, in that school, in that community? Do something to solve one
problem today

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